Be Mindful of the Days Left! 

As I took a moment in thy hands of the Almighty, this is what He had taught me: The Lord has always been, and will always be, reminding us to become salt and light in the world of bondage and darkness, and to be vigilant enough lifting our heads up making the most of the... Continue Reading →


Perfect Faithfulness

Isaiah 25:1 "O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago." ACKNOWLEDGE GOD *Acknowledging God is not just about knowing that He is our Creator, rather embracing His grace, His redemption, His sovereignty. *To acknowledge God is... Continue Reading →

Clinging to the Cross

What is the difference between standing near the Cross and clinging to it? As I was reading the second chapter of the Set-Apart Woman and examined myself with the question, I remembered how I proclaimed myself as Christian yet chose to separate myself from God's vineyard. Standing only near the Cross (presence of God) was... Continue Reading →

The Divine Invitation

Chapter One of Leslie Ludy's THE SET-APART WOMAN entails of the sacred call to come away with Jesus, to learn that intimacy with Christ means forsaking compromise and mediocrity, comforts and security, even few worldly pastimes with reasonable boundaries, to realize holy discontentment, and to respond in walking very, very close to our Lord. I... Continue Reading →

Inevitable Moment

One cannot foresee what lies ahead of every path that is going to take. But here is a thing, even if you wouldn't know what will be the outcome of the things you will do, just keep the faith that no matter what happen, there will always be a way out of every circumstance and... Continue Reading →

Art of Waiting

I believe in the process of life. I believe that falling is inevitable in the moment of weakness.  Yet, I also believe that rising is the evidence of strengthened faith.  And lastly, I believe that in every emptiness comes the fullness.  So in my nothingness, I will wait.  For in proper season, I will bloom.

Morning LIGHT

Everyday is a new beginning!  Do not let negativities eat you but press forward to what is right.  There is still hope behind adversaries.

Right NOT Perfect

Yes. I am single and never been taken. I am not aiming to find for that "perfect guy". I believe I don't even have standards on my own. Only what I am looking for in a man is that he should have a right heart, right mind, above all right in Christ. A man who... Continue Reading →

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