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I grew up known to be so shy, timid, fearful. But in my early childhood years, I was so fascinated in watching television news to recall from the old TV Patrol with anchor’s Frankie Evangelista, Noli de Castro and Mel Tiangco, until Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon came in. Then I started to dream of becoming one of them.

So after I graduated in elementary, I asked my mom if I could enrol in college with the Journalism course. Sad that she hadn’t answered me with a yes.

But I never settled on that response. On my secondary days in a state college, I wished to join the laboratory school’s publication and tried to list my name on photojournalism entry. But I failed the second time around because I had not complied to one qualification – to bring a personal camera.

Felt like a less fortunate kid, I lingered on a miserable high school moments because I never had what I wanted to have, I haven’t done what I really wanted to do.

On my tertiary entry, I enrolled in a state university with the course of Applied Economics only because “I had no choice”. Yes, because my parents could not afford to take me in a private college where Mass Communication course is offered.

I passed by my bachelor’s degree in six years. Afterwards, I took some seasonal experiences on project-based enumeration job. Until I finally got a job in an LGU as appointment-based employee where I was, to my surprise, assigned in the information section in late 2010 until the end of appointment in early 2015.

But because of that opportunity, I came to savor the basic practices of journalism. I had attended several trainings, seminars and workshops from the bests of the metro city. It was in that time too that I decided to create a personal blog.

My blog was a bit uninformative, unreflective, undeniably screwed. I haven’t created it to inform people something that is worth readable but only to take my personal pleasure just to post something, anything.

So now, I took a challenge to myself in creating another one that somehow could communicate with the readers. Not just telling the people what I take on to myself but of what I could share to them. Something that they could be fascinated with, or someone they could share moments with, or another thing that they could ponder of in their lives.

And lastly, I am making this whole new heights of personal blogging to somehow get myself back to shape where I lost my dream – dream of becoming a developmental and, to include, inspirational writer.

I wouldn’t have this dream come to life if not because of my inspirations, to name, Mrs. Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio (on blogging) and Ms. Jojie Alcantara (on photography). But most especially by the Holy Spirit who until now encouraging and motivating me to dream high beyond my ability.

And for so long, though I have been in times of brokenness, I still have this desire in my heart, to bring honour and glory to my One Triune God who is the Author of my life. He is the pinnacle of this endeavor making my dream into reality.

May you enjoy and be inspired!


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