My Firsts

Sharing my undaunted story of any first experiences I had.

My First Photography

The photos above were my first attempt on photography way back 2010. I kept this for a long time. What I only used was a very old outdated digital camera when I started working in the information office.

I was so glad when my boss let me used the camera for me to try out photography. And it happened.

It will also be my way of documenting my undaunted journey.

My First Fun Shoot

A quick invitation from my ever beautiful best friend, I never hesitated to say yes when she asked me if she could have a fun photoshoot with me.

It was a kind of dream come true, a dream of being a runaway damsel even just for a half of the day. Though I will not use my body to portray worldly lifestyle but honoring God as His pleasant vessel.

My First Newscasting

As my former office premiered its first ever online newscast featuring the highlights and development of our city, every staff was opted to do newscasting.

With this, I was tasked to report about the development of the City Cooperative and its plans and programs.

And though it was a simple task, yet it was a mind-blowing, heart-stopping experience for me since I am not used to it. But it was great!

I will use what I have learned to deliver meaty stuff about my undaunted journey in Christ.

My First International Trip

Those shots were from Pakse, Laos and Pattaya, Thailand when Team Explore, my church’s pioneering global missions team, had its first Global Missions Exposure Trip in four Asian countries including Vietnam and Cambodia in 2016’s summer season.

And the very first time I have been escalated in the Immigration before we departed the country. Woah! It was a total bomb for me, though thanks be to God as I, together with one of my comrades, have been released from almost an hour of interrogation.

That trip is but my first step in engaging the Task Unfinished!

Well, I may have many first experiences but those were the things which I can say gave great highlights in my life.


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