The Divine Invitation

Chapter One of Leslie Ludy’s THE SET-APART WOMAN entails of the sacred call to come away with Jesus, to learn that intimacy with Christ means forsaking compromise and mediocrity, comforts and security, even few worldly pastimes with reasonable boundaries, to realize holy discontentment, and to respond in walking very, very close to our Lord.

I have a holy discontent in my mediocre Christian life. I was so passionate in the ministry that I came to realize I was still endearing for more but I never noticed I was working almost a performance. That is maybe why I fell into deep pit. I never pursued to ask the Lord for wisdom and discernment, instead given up myself to temptation of walking away.

But the Lord is very gracious, “that when you fall at the deepest pit, I fell with you. Though you may not see Me because the darkness seemed to overwhelm the place, but I am with you. Only you need to be still to hear My voice saying, ‘I cannot pull you up because I am not there on the ground. But I can and will push you up because I am beneath the pit where you have fallen.”

When I was in my darkest days, the divine invitation of the Lord was always there. God never stopped calling me back to Him. But I responded the other way. Why? Because I am not willing to come back. Or not that I am not willing but that I was so overwhelmed with my emotions. And I tell you, relying on emotion is a terrible thing Christians would do in their lives. But even though that was how I acted, still God never gave up on me. He pursued me EVERYDAY telling me to stay out of the stronghold (1 Samuel 22:5). Until His appointed time came I surrendered, again.

The Divine Invitation of the Lord is a call of His redemptive grace. The only key is being still, listen and respond.

Though I should be honest that the process of responding would really be so hard for me, but I can say that I am praying to be continually refined and corrected by God’s Spirit through His loving grace, and will have a pure, whole, and authentic intimacy with Him through His victorious grace so I could respond to His every call and offer myself completely to Him with no reservations.

“Have you ever heard a Voice telling you to come away from the world? Have you ever felt a longing for Jesus? Then this is the appointed time for you to respond to this Divine Call. Act on it and He will receive you (2 Corinthians 6:17).”

May the God who never gave up on me push you out from your darkest pit by His merciful grace.

God bless!


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