How Literature convinced me

I know myself I am not that good in English communication or in Literature. But somehow I am amazed with myself of making some literary compositions.

My fondness towards reading literary books and novels, and the richness of my imaginations during my childhood days led me in composing such as adventure story of a princess and a dragon (of which I never finished and somehow lost my manuscript), song lyrics and poems.

I know most of the people around won’t believe these things about me. I grew up a shy type girl and was afraid to tell what I could do. I was, and maybe still, a person who kept things by myself.

But today, I choose to share some of what I have made in the past years.

This 2005 collections were some of my self-made poems which are all about unrevealed feelings of love. 😊

December 12, 2005

“I have never imagine
the first time I saw you
that in a glimpse have been
my smile was so true.

A strange feeling coming in,
so truthfully strange.
I can’t help it but to grin,
what a queer moment of my age.

But then I realize,
it was a silly game for me.
And fate with grimace
was the best approval ever could be.

Auf Wiedersehen,
my stupid self I could kill.
‘Cause I think I am broken
with the love I could never reveal.”

December 12, 2005

“Romance is playing a song for me and you
Over the hush of the still wind.
You drawn me to wander the world and
Gave me the feeling of certainty.
But everything turned upside down,
Insanity filled my mind, and a
Vacuous heart showed up on me. . .

Only to find out the reality that it was just a day dream under the rainbow in a sunny afternoon!”

December 13, 2005

“I don’t know what a life is coming
for your love is only what I’m craving.
Please send me to tranquility,
or have me broken for eternity.”

Yes, I know those are but stupid feelings. My stupid feelings (haha!) That was the time when I have this feelings towards a guy and not knowing Christ yet. But when the moment He captured my heart and saved my life, this is what I have made:

October 16, 2007

“I was feeling down and troubled
I was helplessly insatiable
I was in a battle of sorrow
and was filled with passion of grief.

I was once illusion
I was listless and numbed
I felt my life was crushing
and thought I could never stood up.

But a light showed me the way
to realize how precious I am.
Immensely engrossed with faithfulness
by One Great Love of all the heavens and the earth.

Thus strongly discerning myself
that I could go to distance
and further regress to new heights.
I will have a vigorous soul
because I know I already have Him in my life.”

Now I see, even if we put away the things that we like and love, it will still find its way back to us.


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