The Late Bloomer

I never knew I could start anew on blogging. It was 2012 when I began to make a personal blog. But it did not go well since I wasn’t sure of the things I want or need to post. That’s why I left it maybe after a year or two.

It is so difficult to start something that you like or love to do. But the thing is, does it love you back?

I realized why some people are not successful in their job or business or even in life. Because even if they want something or like someone, they settle to leave themselves on passivity. They care so much about what people might think of them or if the things that they want to start would fail. Ahead of them is negativity. They have this great idea to start of and thought of an awesome result of it but the in-between process is the horrible plot.

Oh! Lest I forget, I must include myself to them.

Take a moment to go over my Menu and read MORE OF ME, it entails of why I created this blog this very late time of my life – I guess. I am not sure if readers would try to hover over my post or will just ignore it. But one thing I know for sure, I still want to do it.

So before this year ends, I decided to start another blog site. And decided to think that whether or not they will visit my site, read my posts, leave some comments or subscribe to my blog, I will still push through making this whole new creation I am into.

I want and need to satisfy myself of the things I believe I am able and capable to do. I won’t settle anymore in thinking what would be my encounters during the process of believing and doing between that “light bulb on my head” and the “dreams do come true”.

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