What else is there about Thanksgiving? 

​I could still remember the moment when I sent a Thanksgiving greeting to one of my aunt in the US about four years ago. I was startled when she said, “there is so much more about Thanksgiving Day, Maggie.” So with that, I never greeted again but began to ask myself, “what else is there about Thanksgiving?”

I thought it is being celebrated only in the United States, but later I have known it has also been observed in Canada, some Caribbean islands and one Australian territory. 

What I thought about this event is that Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day in commemorating freedom. But later I realized it is all about feast for a blessed harvest of the year only in some states in America which started in the year sixteen hundreds.

Thanks to US President George Washington when he declared a nationwide celebration observing thanksgiving and prayer to date this day on November 26, 1789; a wonderful head of the nation acknowledging the goodness and grace of the Almighty God.

Today, some Filipinos embraced this celebration, not by feasting but only by greeting “Happy Thanksgiving Day!”

It is not a national celebration that we observe yearly. But really my fellow countrymen, what else is there when we talk about Thanksgiving Day? Do we really mean when we say “Happy Thanksgiving” or just to get along with the culture the Westerns have instilled to us?

Now that we have said that greetings, how do we feel? Was it with empathy or just a passive gratification? Or how about the person we greeted felt when we said it?

When I greeted my aunt, I was then ecstatic thinking the celebration was its height. But when I received my aunt’s response, I was somehow demeaned. But I have realized that there was really something more with the word thanksgiving. 

Now I understand, Thanksgiving is not just an event for Americans or Canadians, or to whom it maybe. The word is also not to tell just for a day but for the rest of the year, in our lifetime. It is not to say to someone partly because we know that its Thanksgiving Day. But more of the pleasure in it, thanksgiving is an expression of genuine appreciation.

And what we mean when we say genuine appreciation? Then let us look over it word by word.

As we know, genuine is a word that could be of authenticity, purity, truthfulness. In other words, real-valued. Appreciation also is about acknowledging a good circumstance. But some would also mean it as accepting adversaries that somehow gives great impact to become better.

Thus, thanksgiving is with a deeper meaning of being grateful for what a person really don’t deserve.

So, did we avowed someone’s rare help to us? Or have we got a commendable impression from our little action?

I don’t go against this occasion. But somehow, let us be reminded what we really mean with those words and how would we celebrate it.

I believe that’s how thanksgiving should be. To show off appreciation even in the midst of an unlikely situations or in the littlest things we receive. How much more it would be if greater has been done to us. And lest we forget that it is all-year round; it is a lifetime expression of gratitude.


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